Creating is Delicious

An idea becomes a thought, a thought becomes a day dream, a day dream creeps into you REM cycle and then before you know it, dreams are a tangible reality. That is how Heir Vintage became. And if you don't believe that thoughts become things, we dare you to try it! All it takes is a thought, one that you hold onto and believe in vehemently. Then, the universe truly does conspire to make thoughts into things. 

Heir Vintage was an idea. A wild hair. Actually a million dollar idea...

Over a couple of cocktails, I asked a friend and muse of mine if she had any million dollar ideas. I won't reveal her answer here for the protection of her future fortune, but she then asked me the same. I told her about my devious plan to take over the world in a yellow school bus. How it was "green" and conscience and a fresh business model.  How I would sell in a "recession proof" market as I had witnessed first hand in my upbringing. How I could get to people that could not get to me. 

"Oh, so you wanna do something like the Style Liner," she mentioned. I was immediately crushed upon knowing a mobile store wasn't my original idea. (Small town girl, instantly realizes there is no original thought). And then, I was ecstatic! Now knowing that this dream has been hatched elsewhere and done well, and could become an easier and more fruitful reality than I had originally imagined. 

And so it was done. 


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