Marble CO

We took all the normal routes in search of a vehicle to house our new dream. We scoured the paper, driving by ad locations to sniff out the goods. We trolled Craigslist into the wee hours of weeknights. We even experimented with Ebay. (Note to all Ebay virgins: don't bid on large items, you will win and it will be in Tennessee). All these outlets of bus buying were proving too expensive for our small budget hopes or too junky and thus labor intensive for our delicate hands and minds. 

Then with the serendipity that is life, a bus fell right into our laps. My sister was a teacher at the Marble Charter School at the time. If you have never been to Marble CO, you must! Or maybe don't, because it's that special. The Marble Charter school was looking to (basically) get rid of its small bus as it had just upgraded to a full size kiddo carrying machine. The ladies at the school who helped me sign the title and showed me a few tricks to driving the beast, could not have been cuter or sweeter. They mirrored my excitment for this new endeavor and were our first true fans! The whole experience is very memorable, as it's not often you get to buy a school bus.