Why Vintage?

Vintage is Classic. And the Classics never go out of style. Period. When we look at the world of fashion we always see echoes of the past and plenty of those echoes are not so subtle. Take a look at almost any runway and you'll see a show filled with fashions that call back to styles from earlier eras. The fashion world is a circle where everything old becomes new again. 

Vintage is Unique. Have you ever walked into a party and realized you were wearing the same dress as another girl? We cringe at the thought of this common social misfortune. When you wear a vintage garment you are wearing a rare piece of clothing that very well might be the only one of its kind left anywhere. 

Vintage is Thoughtful. A good modern girl will care about the environment, as we should! There is no question that purchasing new clothes has a negative impact on our world - whether it's through harmful emissions from manufacturing or unethical labor, the clothing manufacturing process is destructive. And there is so much of it out there! The greatest thing about our business for us, is that there is never a shortage of product. The excess of generations before is our treasure today, it all needs to be slurped up by us before the planet tries that grueling task. Buying vintage is a small way that you can do something for the environment but how great is it that you will look fabulous while doing it? 

Vintage is Quality. We live in a society of mass produced goods. "Fashions" are churned out of clothing mills all day, you can call it fast food fashion. This is just not the case with vintage fashions and it shows! Vintage clothing was made with superior expertise, including details, buttons, and flourishes you won't find on today's garments. If you take the time to examine most vintage pieces you'll notice much greater attention to detail in textiles, patterns, textures, stitching, etc. Vintage fashions were designed to last and were sewn by hand. They were built to be passed on to little sisters, not to fall apart. 

Vintage is an Investment. There is a collectible market for vintage clothing and many pieces have value that raises with time. Not every vintage garment is collectable, but many are. There will never be more 1950's wiggle dresses, 1960's Pucci silks, or 1970's high waisted Levi's bell bottoms made. Because they become harder and harder to find with time they become more valuable as they grow older. Vintage is money well spent! 

Vintage has history. I love the feeling that vintage clothing has already lived life. I write stories in my head all the time about where a piece came from, what it has seen, what happened while it was worn. Vintage helps to give your style character and a story. When you buy a vintage dress, you are not just getting something that came straight from a factory overseas, to a truck, to a store shelf. You are wearing something that has seen life. Vintage garments are a lot like us modern girls. That cute vintage piece has seen good times and bad times yet survived still looking beautiful and stylish. I love that. 


Heir Vintage