The ones that get away.


“Can you imagine the CFDA dress with a bra? I would slice my throat- I already wanted to for wearing a thong that wasn't bedazzled. That’s the the biggest regret I have in my life.” -Rhianna

If Rhianna’s biggest regret in life was not wearing a bedazzled thong with her infamous CFDA dress- then my greatest regret in life is letting a pair of bikini bottoms with Steve Buscemi’s face printed on them slip between my fingers. The bikini bottoms may have been my favorite find of all time. They we’re exceptionally creepy- and hilarious. They made me happy. To this day I giggle when think about them. I found them when I was wandering through the Broadway Buffalo Exchange in Denver. They were hanging on display on a tip top shelf- as if nobody would actually think to buy them, they we’re just  being used as good display. But no, not me. I wanted them- they were perfect in their own disturbing way. I bought them. Of course I did.

A few weeks later we did an event with the bus. I decided to put the bikini bottoms out on display- not really thinking someone would feel the same way about them as I did. I wasn’t ready to let go- I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. But, before noon they were gone. A young spunky 20 something gal swooped them up with almost as much enthusiasm as I had bought them with. I couldn't say no- Heir Vintage was a new business and I wasn't in a position to turn down new and excited customers. I think about those Steve Buscemi Bikini bottoms often and with fondness- happy at least, that our paths crossed- even if just for a fleeting moment.

So if your greatest regret in life so far isn’t along the same lines as not wearing a bedazzled thong then you’re probably doing something wrong. Live a little. Go buy yourself something nice, like a silk dragon embroidered kimono or rhinestone nipple pasties. Wear them. Be Happy.


Heir Vintage